Course image Registration "Preparation Course"
Curso de Preparación- Preparation Course

A training course platform, connecting test equipment and some teaching resources
Objective: Familiarise yourself with what you can find in the courses
There may be video presentation: such as in "systemic therapies ..." 
                    Audio like in "systemic therapies ..."

                    Documents to read before applying for an interview; Candidate Profile, Teacher´s guide,  Calendar....

                     The teacher may have uploaded some of this information that you should read before proceeding to request an interview.

If you are interested in participating in any course you must request an interview for that course.

The student must download the document "Application-Form-Interview", fill it out and follow their instructions.
If admitted Professor communicate its fee and the deadlines for payment and access the course.
The registration can be done in several ways open the help guide, which clarifies the enrolment options from this moodle training platform or from the website in the section